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Costa Rica Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Lessons

Kaludus is a Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) and surf school in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica that offers a variety of classes that are designed for all ages and abilities. Many people find this sport easier than Surfing which makes it so popular. It is a great full body workout that significantly improves balance, coordination, strength and endurance. Stand up Paddle lessons in Jaco Beach Costa Rica is the perfect way to see the beautiful coastlines of the Central Pacific from the open waters. The area offers several beaches which are ideal for Stand up Paddle classes in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Stand Up Paddle Surf Lessons

Stand up paddle surf lessons are generally offered in Jaco, Costa Rica to those who have previous experience with surfing classes or stand up paddle lessons.  So many people love stand up paddle surfing in Jaco due to the ease in which surfers can catch waves.  Our stand up paddle surf school in Jaco, Costa Rica provides stand up paddle classes that benefit your surfing by building confidence and improving your timing.  The combination of stand up paddle and surfing is an exhilarating and fun way to enjoy the ocean in Jaco Costa Rica and keep your adrenaline pumping out in the water.

Costa Rica Surfing Lessons

The Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica is home to Jaco, one of the best spots in the country for surfing schools and surf camps.  Jaco is ideal for beginner surfing lessons and only minutes away from Playa Hermosa, which is a world class surfing destination.  Long stretches of coastline with beach breaks and some point breaks make a great place for beginner surfing lessons or for more advanced surfers to catch waves in some of the most legendary beaches around. Regardless of your ability, the warm waters and mountainous coasts provide the perfect backdrop for surfing in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Surfing and Stand Up Paddle FAQ’s


Q. Is it safe to learn to surf in Jaco Beach all year?

A. Absolutely! On days when the waves can get bigger, we teach you to surf in the south end where the waves are smaller. This area is nestled in a cove where you will be protected from the larger open ocean swells. We evaluate the surf each day and take you to the safest & most fun location for your surfing lesson.

Q. How long will it take to learn surfing?

A. Most people will be able to stand up on their first surfing lesson and some people will be able to catch waves by themselves on their first lesson with coaching. However learning how to read waves, when and where to paddle into them takes time.

Q. Why is Jaco Beach such a desirable place to learn how to surf?

A. It’s a great place to learn because the waves break all the way from the north to the south ends creating surf spots all along the coast. We teach you to surf in a cove in the south end that is protected from the larger waves. These waves are perfect because they are much softer and smaller waves making it easier to learn.

Q. How many people are there in a stand up paddling or surfing lesson?

A. It all depends on whether you would like a private or group lesson. If you choose to learn in a group setting we don’t exceed anymore than 3 students for every teacher.

Q. Do I need to provide my own equipment?

A. No. All boards, paddles, and leashes are included with all lessons and packages.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. Make sure to bring your swimsuit, towel, sunblock, and water to drink.

Q. Can I use my own surfboard?

A. Yes, but if this is your first time taking a surfing lesson we suggest you use our boards.

Q. What's the water temperature like in Costa Rica?

A. In Jaco Beach, the near-shore water temperatures are very comfortable year round. The water temperature peaks ranging 28 to 31°C (82 to 88°F) in the month of April with the coolest temperatures moving in at the end of October, in the range of 26 to 29°C (79 to 84°F).

Q. What kind of swimsuit should I wear for my paddling or surfing lesson?

A. One that you feel comfortable wearing while paddling around in the ocean. Many people like to wear a rash guard to protect themselves from the intensity of the sun.

Q. Do you provide transportation?

A. Yes, we provide transportation for clients in Jaco Beach and the neighboring beaches of Playa Hermosa and Playa Herradura. We can arrange transportation to and from other areas as well. The rates depend on the number of people and the driving distance. Please call or e-mail us for a quote.

Q. Are your surf instructors allowed to accept tips?

A. Tipping is at your discretion and greatly appreciated by our surf and sup instructors.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. At this time we only accept cash, in both dollars and Colones. The easiest way to book is by going to our Booking Page, or by calling us anytime at (506) 6040-9375.

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